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How to Get Your Students Started in Scratch

The Scratch Teachers Challenge Is Starting This Tuesday!

This past week I've been trying to figure out how I can help you all during this time of crisis. At first, I thought, surely you don’t want to take on something new like learning how to code in Scratch. But, then, I heard Jeff Bradbury on the ‘Ask the Tech Coach’ podcast, and he said something interesting. He said he’s really afraid teachers are going to be overloading kids with worksheets or assignments to read a Newsela article and write a paper about it... “No kid wants to be doing that”, he said, “and they will turn it off as quickly as possible. They will stop showing up for online classes and next thing you know, even though we (the teachers) are working, because there isn’t high attendance, the days won’t count, which means we’re going to be working almost into July. We don’t want that.”


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So, if there is one thing I can promise you, it’s that if you lead students through building games in Scratch, they WILL show up. Not to even mention, how excited their parents are going to be about their kids learning how to code. What I'm going to provide you with is something similar to the 30-Day Challenge. Everyday you’ll receive an email with a link to an animated step-by-step tutorial. You’ll be able to forward the email to your students. The tutorials will lead them through building one aspect of a game. At the end of the challenge, they'll have a few completed games and their knowledge of Scratch will be immeasurably greater. In addition, I’ll be here as well as a community of other teachers (inside a Facebook group) to support you if/when you or your students run into issues!

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I think now is a great time to lean into learning and creation, and I believe this challenge will help you and your students do just that!

I hope to see you on the inside!

- Maytal

List of Remote Learning Resources 

As concerns about the spread of Coronavirus increase, I know many of you are preparing to teach your students remotely for the first time.  I thought it might be helpful to have a list of remote learning resources teachers could use during school closures.  If you have a resource to recommend, please fill up the short form below.  Please don't just recommend a website.  Tell us what grade and subject the resource should be used with, and describe in a few short sentences how you're planning to use it.  

Recommend a Resource

Please see below for the list of resources shared thus far...

List of Resources

Also, some useful resources are being shared inside our Facebook group for teachers.

CreateCodeLoad Resources 

I've spent the last few days working diligently with our host as I'd like to be able to support this effort as much as I can.  I believe you'll find the following information helpful...

  • First, if your students have not done our Racing Game course yet, I'd like to offer you and them free access to this first course in our Game Design Program.  Just click this link, enter your email address, and access will be granted.  You'll also receive an email with detailed instructions on how to implement teaching this course remotely.  
Get the Free Course
  • Like I said, I've been working diligently with our host over the last few days, and I'm happy to announce we've been able to figure out a way in which your students will be able to access our entire program remotely!  If you already own Part 1Part 2, or even the Vita-Man course, you'll be able to share these tutorials with your students by upgrading to a multi-use license.  Just head over to, login and select 'My Courses' from the top menu.  Then, scroll down and click 'View Product'.  You'll be able to find the link to upgrade your product on the sidebar.  Please use code 'Remote50', and you'll receive a 50% off discount.  I apologize for having to charge anything at all during these hard times, but as I'm sure you can imagine, my host is charging me as well...
remote lessons

I hope you find these solutions helpful.  Please take good care and be well over the coming days. I'll try to share more solutions in the coming weeks.  Please don't hesitate to write if you have any questions/concerns.

Be well and take care,