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This course will walk you and your students through building an elaborate maze game.  It comes with a starter project and 24 animated video tutorials.  It covers everything from movement inside a maze, to cloning, lives, game states and jail states.  This game is so much fun to play (give it a try below!), and even more fun to build!  As always, I break down every concept in a manner only really possible using animations...

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Play the Game

Let’s take a quick look at the completed Vita-Man game!
Click the green flag and play the game a few times, and you’ll get a better idea for what we’re going to be building!
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Course Content

Scratch Maze Course


An Introduction to the Vita-Man Game

Part 1: Vita-Man

Step 1:  Get Vita-Man Moving!
Step 2:  Move More Smoothly!
Step 3:  Become a Detector!
Step 4:  Pick the Colors!
Step 5:  Detect the Walls!
Step 6:  Escape!
Step 7:  Eat the Dots!

Part 2: Gummy

Step 8:  Get Gummy Moving
Step 9:  Prepare to Follow
Step 10:  Set Desired Direction

Part 3: Ghosts On

Step 11:  The Power Snacks
Step 12:  Ghosts On!
Step 13:  Give a Warning!
Step 14:  Set the Speed!
Step 15:  Send Gummy to Jail!
Step 16:  Get in and out of Jail!

Part 4: Game States

Step 17:  Game States Explained!
Step 18:  The Game State Timer!
Step 19:  Add Lives!
Step 20:  Win the Game!


Part 5: Bonus Features

Step 21:  Add Score!
Step 22:  Add Messages!
Step 23:  Add the Other Crawlers!


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