Hi!  I'm Maytal.

I'm a computer programmer and I teach kids how to code and create their own video games.

I absolutely love what I do.  Nothing is more fulfilling than teaching kids something so important and at the same time witnessing how incredibly enthusiastic they get! 

How Create Code Load Began


Years ago when my eldest son was seven, I decided to teach him how to code.  I couldn’t believe how much he loved to code and create.  He’d sit with his five year old brother, and they would spend hours, using their imaginations and creating some pretty cool programs.

I was fascinated by how much my boys were able to absorb at such a young age, and I started reading everything I could find on coding with kids.  The literature supported what I was already witnessing at home.  Learning to code is just like learning any other language; the earlier you start, the easier it is.  My boys needed no encouragement to do it even more, and quickly outgrew all of the content that was out there for kids.  So I created my own.

Pretty soon my friends were lining up to get their kids in on the action. The interest has only grown, and before I knew it, I had an accidental business on my hands.

Why I Brought It Online


These days, I teach coding as enrichment at our local elementary schools.  My classes always have a waiting list, and there are more kids wanting to learn than I’m able to teach. This website was created to fill that need.  This is an online version of my courses, to give kids who are not able to physically attend my classes, an opportunity to learn as well. 

This site is for beginners as well as experienced coders, and supports the teachers that teach them.  If you’re just starting out, make sure to sign up for our next (FREE!) 5-Day Challenge...

I thank you and your kids will thank you for stopping by.  I am so passionate about coding for kids.  It’s absolutely a necessary skill in today’s world, and I take great pride in being a part of your journey. 

p.s.  Curious about what the clothesline in our logo has to do with all this?  Click on it to read the story behind the name...

The story behind the name…clothesline

Years ago, when my eldest was a baby, I ran into a mother of 3 little ones at the park.  Amazed (3 seem like magic when you only have one), I asked her how she does it.  She said she’s always sticking in a load of laundry in between everything else. 

When I started blogging and documenting our journey, I had 3 little ones myself, and that conversation popped back into my head.  I remember smiling about the fact that that is exactly what my life feels like with 3 little children.  We create, we code, and in between it all, I find some time to do another load of laundry. 

My kids have grown a bit since then, and I actually load (a bit!) more code than laundry these days (phew!), but as the name has a double meaning, and brings back many memories, I decided to keep it anyway!