I Have an Idea for a Game!

How to Find, Create, and Upload Your Own Images to Scratch...

Training Video

create-quality-imagesspacerMy students love creating games with me.  But, sometimes, they come up with an idea for their own game.  And while the Scratch library has many wonderful images, it certainly does not have everything.  After all, the possibilities are endless!

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate my process when creating images for a new game.  In the video tutorial above, I show you how to find free stocked images on the web, how to create quality images from scratch, and how to incorporate the images you find into your own images.  I use something a bit more powerful than the Scratch Paint Editor.  It is an iPad app called Graphic, which I use everyday to create images - and not just for my games!

Now, learning how to use Graphic will take some practice, but believe me - it’s worth it!  The purpose of this tutorial is not to teach you everything about Graphic, but rather to introduce you to how powerful it is, show you some cool things you can create using it, and demonstrate how it can be used with Scratch.



A few administrative things before you start…  You can use the icons above to get to each of the sites/apps mentioned below...

  • You will need a (free!) Dropbox account to transfer the files between your iPad and your desktop. I go over how to transfer the files in the beginning of the video above.
  • You will need to download the Dropbox desktop app onto your computer, and the Dropbox iPad app onto your iPad.
  • You will need a (also free!) Pixabay account to download vector images from the Pixabay site.
  • Finally, you will need to purchase an iPad app called Graphic at the App Store. At the time of this writing, it costs $8.99, and in my opinion, it is worth every penny!

The example I use in the video is a racing game.  I teach you how to  draw its basic backdrop…

And how to modify some free online vector images to make these two car sprites…

Green Car

Blue Car

Like I mention in the video, I think this tutorial will be somewhat eye-opening for a lot of you, because it will give you a glimpse into some pretty powerful stuff.

Finally, if you find that this is something you’d like to learn more about, here are some links to tutorials I found on the web…

  • The Graphic website has over 20 tutorials, and even some example files at www.graphic.com/tutorials
  • The AdiposeTV YouTube channel created a series of 4 iDraw (Graphic used to be called iDraw!) tutorials that I found pretty useful as well. I embedded the first one below…

Have fun creating graphics!